Don't just take my word for it  Read here what people say about the sessions, workshops, breathwork and other life changing techniques I offer. The proof is in the pudding. 

"Moving towards wholeness"

"Liisa has played a significant role in my process of healing, in particular with the Cathartic Breathwork Modality. Liisa is skilled, proficient and effective in utilising this tool to assist her clients explore unconscious material and move towards wholeness. Whenever I have worked with Liisa, I always felt her presence, a sense of safety and attunement. She has the patience and deep intuitive understanding of a person who has clearly done the work themselves. I have only gratitude and respect for Liisa for not only being a wonderful breathworker and therapist but as a human being who walks her talk and is totally committed to bringing more peace, joy and fulfilment to the lives of those that she works with. If you have relationship, depression, anxiety or life purpose issues, I would absolutely recommend her work." 

Alexander Roxborough

Anxiety free after 3 sessions


"I had been experiencing high levels of anxiety associated with trauma over a 3 year period. I was isolating myself, distressed and insecure and had not felt like myself for years. For a long time I had tried to understand what was happening to me and attempted to heal in other ways with mixed success. Within 2 sessions of breathwork with Liisa I started to feel so much better. After 5 sessions the breathwork completely calmed my system and I feel completely back in my life as I did years ago. I feel alive and revitalised. My anxiety and ever present trauma has now gone – it’s now really in the past. Liisa gently and kindly challenged and guided me through the experience and I was enormously supported by her. She is a warm and kind person whom I trusted easily in this process and I recommend Liisa Halme to anyone wanting to heal parts of themselves. Thank you Liisa for helping me re-engage with vital, loving and trusting parts of myself."

Heather, Clinical Psychotherapist, Sydney

"What an amazing journey"

"My first anxiety free day, wow, ready for many more to come!  I feel great, thank you for helping me. What an amazing journey I am on."


"Thank you for opening my eyes"

"I went to your 'Emotional Freedom Workshop' last Saturday. I just wanted to email you to say that I got so much out of it, and when you were speaking about your experiences with your dad, friends, men, it was as if you were telling my story...

...What I took out of the workshop is really a renewed sense of self, and all the emotional pain I had been holding onto really melted away...

...So thank you for opening my eyes (I have been in therapy for 2 years for range of stuff, and your workshop gave me a whole lot of closure!)"


"...far exceeded my expectations..."

"Thank you for an inspiring day . The breathwork in particular was incredible, far exceeding any expectations I might have had. It helped me to reach an inner peace that day that I have not experienced in decades."

Rose   (Emotional Freedom Workshop Feb 2014)

"Excellent Results"


''I can confidently say that Liisa is among the best breathwork practitioners I have worked with. Her compassion, focus and knowledge of the human psyche are all personal attributes that enable her to deliver excellent results. I personally found the balance of Liisa's feminine nurturing side along with her decisive, sharp mind to be the perfect balance to lead me to where I needed to go in my healing process. I cannot recommend Liisa highly enough.''

Dave Hall


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