Advanced Breathwork Practitioner

Certified Hypnotherapist

​Registered Yoga Therapist





Dowling St Practice:

133 Dowling Street


NSW 2011, Australia​

Tel:      0423 841 230


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"Do you struggle with painful, relationships, anxiety or addictions? Do you want to free yourself from inner chaos?
My passion is to help you move to emotional freedom and get your life back​"


I can help you with anxiety, emotional issues and trauma, so that you can enjoy your life and your relationships - and feel like yourself again!

What would it be worth for you to finally be free from anxiety, chronic stress or the effects of trauma? How much time and money would you save no longer trying to fix it? Would it save your relationship?  Your job?  Even your life?


I know what it feels like: When emotional struggle, stress or anxiety get in the way of your life,  health and relationships. When I found this work I had everything, but I wasn't enjoying any of it because I was in so much pain. I was literally about to throw it all away just because I couldn't bare to be with the way I was feeling. 

I'm guessing you battle with difficult feelings, emotional pain or trauma too. We all do, at some point in our lives. Most of us were not encouraged or even allowed to express some emotions when we were young. But without a healthy outlet fear, anger, sadness, shame and guilt build up over time. They end up stored in your cell memory and manifest as physical pain, illness, anxiety, depression and other symptoms that mess up your life and cause havoc in your relationships. ​

When my marriage was falling apart, I had ongoing issues with my hormones and wasn't supposed to be able to have children, Breathwork changed everything. It transformed how I feel from the inside out.  My relationships grew deeper, more real and easygoing. My health problems disappeared - I even became pregnant and had two children completely naturally.  I've seen numerous similar and more dramatic transformations happen thanks to Breathwork.  


I've spent decades looking for the most powerful transformational tools, and found some that really work. But I've never come across a technique as powerful as Breathwork. It's one of the body's own natural release mechanisms, something we do naturally but have unfortunately learnt how to suppress.

I'm a Senior Yoga Teacher, Registered Yoga Therapist, an Advanced Breathwork Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and a Coach. My passion is to share these advanced transformation tools to help you through your personal process towards life you love.                                              ​

​Liisa Halme X

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