Anxiety Free in 6 Weeks

Break the stress cycle withOUT losing your edge.

From anxiety to...
  • More space, peace and clarity in your mind, so that you can focus, think clearly and be more present

  • Be in charge of your thoughts and feelings, so that you're not at the mercy of them

  • Natural stress- and emotional relief through the body’s innate release mechanisms, so that you can let go of the internal pressure

  • Inner energy reserves and the skills to re-fill them fast, so that you're not running on empty or feel depleted


  • Nervous system re-boot​ so that your body can recover and rebalance.

  • Balance within and without, so you can enjoy all areas of your life

  • Resilience (= inner strength & flexibility, so that you won't lose your s**t, freeze or collapse when going gets tough)

  • Less reactiveness, more conscious action

  • Awareness and skills to avoid cognitive trip-ups 

  • Interrupt unwanted patterns such as procrastination, excessive rumination, endless worrying, procrastinating, second guessing or ‘what if’-ing - and replace them with more functional strategies

  • End stress-related habits like over-eating, over-working, over-exercising, over-control, obsessing...and create healthy ones instead

  • Learn to stop a panic attack on its tracks

Anxiety Free in 6 Weeks
What's included? 

by Liisa Halme - FreedomTechniques

When:            Starts 20 Feb 2021 
Where:           Inner Freedom App / Zoom  (online)
Investment:     AU$ 897 (over $1000 saving!)


For more info contact me here.  
'This program truly changed the course of my life for the better! Thank you.'
Anniina, PhD, Finland

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