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Breathwork uses the body's own in-bult mechanism for releasing stress, anxiety, emotional charge and negative cellular memory.  

Cellular memory is the memory that resides inside the cells within the body. Every cell in the body has a memory of its own that stores reserves of information related to past experiences, both positive and negative. When a cell stores a memory from a negative experience, it will cause an undesirable effect which usually manifests itself as a physical or emotional block. These are often not conscious, mental level memories but much deeper, unconscious emotional memory imprints.

When we experience chronic pain, stress, anxiety or depression,​ it is a memory within the cells that is causing a reaction within the body. This applies to every aspect of a person's life in both the physical and emotional level, meaning that cellular memory can affect your body physically in the form of sickness or disease, emotionally through our reactions and responses to events and relationships as well as metaphysically through things we attract in life. The good news is that you can change the cell memory and  release painful and negative memories for good. As a result we stop re-creating and replicating these painful imprints and feelings in the present day life.​ Read more about the physiology of anxiety, depression, stress and trauma here.


Simply described Breathwork Therapy is emotional release work. It helps us let go of our stress and emotional build-up so that we can live free from the negative influences of past traumatic experiences and suppressed emotions and their long term consequences. Feeling and releasing these emotions through Breathwork results in deep healing and  permanent change faster than analyzing mental level memories in traditional talk therapy.  The technique works through a style of active, connected breathing through the mouth which you do under the guidance of an experienced facilitator.



Breathwork takes you deep into your core wounds. It brings accumulated emotional pain to the surface to be processed and released. Breathwork Therapy includes conscious counseling and mental processing techniques. These help you uncover and let go of the wounding, pain and subconscious negative core beliefs that keep negative patterns running and hold you back in life. 


When only talking about your issues you are working within the cortex and neo cortex part of the brain: The mental level, or story part. This can help you understand and process your wounds, defences and core beliefs. 

Breathwork, on the other hand, reaches the limbic system to release deep and often unconscious emotional trauma. Through the brainstem the whole Nervous System can be released properly. Trauma and associated emotions actually physically leave the body -hence you can experience numerous physical health benefits.  ​​





Breathwork cleanses and balances the whole nervous system. As the emotional and somatic / physical body clears, energy begins to flow freely again​. You'll find more energy and flow in daily life .  Breathwork Therapy offers relief from Anxiety, Depression and all emotional issues. This leads to improved relationships, more conscious relating and deeper intimacy. When you are no longer re-creating and acting from past trauma, your relationships both with yourself and with others become more easy. You are able to release your unconscious negative beliefs, break through repetitive negative patterns and exchange them for more functional and fulfilling ones.


Because we are psychosomatic beings, dealing with our emotional pain often results in the profound healing of many physical issues. Significant health benefits include relief from Allergies and Asthma, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Hormonal imbalances, IBS, Skin disorders and many other health issues.   


I recommend breathwork therapy for anyone over 18 with:  Anxiety, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, relationship-  or self worth issues / other life issues, stress and stress-related conditions, emotional pain or trauma.

If you have serious health complaints please consult your GP or specialist. Remember that breathwork is not a substitute for medical treatment but a complimentary healing modality. Please talk to your physician before participating.

Breathwork Therapy & Mental Processing:
​$ 275 per session (min.2h)  or
$750 for 3 sessions  /  $ 1,125 for 5 sessions pre-paid