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Breathwork uses the body's own natural mechanism for releasing stress, emotional charge and trauma.  


Simply described Breathwork Therapy is emotional release work. It helps us let go of stress and painful emotions so that we can live free from the negative influences of past traumatic experiences, suppressed emotions and the long term consequences. Releasing emotional charge through Breathwork results in deep sense of relief, as well as awareness and clarity on a level that is difficult to reach by talking alone.  The technique works through a style of active, conscious, connected breathing which you do under the guidance of an experienced facilitator.

Breathwork offers real and lasting relief from anxiety, depression and trauma



Breathwork brings deeply buried emotional pain to the surface to be processed and released. Breathwork Therapy includes conscious counselling and mental processing techniques. These help you uncover and let go of the painful emotions and negative core beliefs that keep dysfunctional patterns running and hold you back in life. 


When only talking about issues you are working within the cortex and neo cortex part of the brain: The logical, rational level; the story part. This can help you understand and process your traumas, defences and core beliefs. But sometimes talking alone isn't enough to release them.

Breathwork activates the limbic system and the amygdala to release deep and often unconscious emotional trauma. Trauma and associated emotions are discharged and  you can experience numerous physical health benefits.  ​​



We recommend Breathwork to anyone suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, depression, relationship issues or other life issues


Breathwork Therapy offers relief from Anxiety, Depression and all emotional issues. This leads to improved relationships, more conscious relating and deeper intimacy. When you are no longer re-creating and acting from past trauma, your relationships both with yourself and with others become easier. You are able to release your unconscious negative beliefs, break through repetitive dysfunctional patterns and exchange them for more functional and fulfilling ones.

As less energy used to contain the internal pressure of the emotional charge, you'll find more energy and clarity in daily life.


Dealing with our emotional pain often results in the healing of many physical issues. Health benefits could include relief from Allergies and Asthma, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Hormonal imbalances, IBS, Skin disorders and many other health issues.   


I recommend breathwork therapy for anyone with:  Anxiety, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, relationship-  or self worth issues / other life issues, stress and stress-related conditions, emotional pain or trauma.

If you have health complaints or mental illness, please consult your GP or specialist. Breathwork is not a substitute for medical treatment but a complimentary healing modality. Please talk to your physician before participating.

​1 Session (min 2h)  $ 355 + GST  
3 Sessions pre-paid $ 950 + GST
5 Sessions pre-paid $ 1,545 + GST
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