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Strategic Hypnotherapy is an advanced combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy. It helps us create lasting change by getting the unconscious processes to work in harmony with our conscious decisions. 
Strategic Hypnotherapy is so-called brief therapy. It means you don't need to spend months talking about the past, but can expect a fast outcome in your present-day situation. 



How does it work?


We use hypnosis to reach a more receptive state of mind where change can be created quickly easily. Hypnosis or trance is merely a vehicle we use to make the therapy and learning more effective

With hypnotherapy we can be specific about the change we want to create. We can use it to shift unwanted habits and behavioural patterns quickly -and learn more functional skills to replace them- by working with our unconscious processes.

Sometimes we know what the problem is but just can't seem to be able to solve it. Will-power is isn't always enough to make a change because our unconscious patterns are more powerful than the decisions we make consciously, and sometimes the two are not in agreement with each other. The way to create lasting change is to get the conscious and the unconscious to agree with each other and work together. 


There are no scripts read - each strategic hypnotherapy session is created just for you! You will also get to take a recording to listen to at home and keep reinforcing the suggestions. 




What are the benefits?


Imagine if you could no longer desire the one thing that is bad for you: Smoking,  TimTam:s  -you name it.  What if you could finally change that pattern that seems to get you in trouble in relationships? Or learn to manage and express your emotions in a healthier way, or change your negative thinking or self-talk for something more useful? What if it was actually doable and easy... It can be! Ending addiction doesn't have to be a long path of struggle. Hundreds of thousands of people have done it effortlessly after just a few hypnotherapy sessions!

The beauty of hypnotherapy is that you can be specific about the change you want to make - and do it fast. Imagine how much time, money and frustration you would save yourself if you could skip months or even years of traditional therapy or medication?  Most common problems can be solved with just a few sessions. It's called brief therapy for a reason!

Besides addictions and weight loss, hypnotherapy can help you overcome anxiety, chronic pain and all kinds of fears. It can help improve general self confidence, promote physical healing and improve sports performance. Basically Hypnotherapy can help with anything where the mind is involved, including pain management. It can be online or in person.

Is Hypnotherapy for me?


I recommend Clinical Hypnotherapy to anyone who wants to create a specific change and wants results fast. Remember that Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical care but a complimentary / allied healing modality.

​Prices:   Initial                    (90min)             $ 385.00  + GST
           Follow-Up              (75min)             $ 315.00   + GST
           3 Sessions                (75min)             $ 875.00  + GST

                  6 Sessions   (interchangeable)             $ 1,750     + GST

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