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Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis and strategic psychotherapy for treating stress, anxiety, fears, addictions and more. It helps us create change easily by getting the unconscious mind to work in harmony with our conscious decisions.

Never been hypnotized? Did you know that hypnosis or a hypnotic trance is a completely natural state and in fact we are in a hypnotic state several times every day! It's nothing more mystical than daydreaming or watching a great movie where we let ourselves be swept away in a story, or doing things on autopilot such as driving from home to work or brushing our teeth.  That is what hypnosis is like, except we can be very specific and use it to change habits and patterns quickly and easily by talking directly to our subconscious or 'unconscious' mind, to make the change from the inside out. In hypnosis we use deep relaxation techniques to reach a more receptive state of mind.

Often we are not aware of the negative beliefs holding us back and driving us to self sabotage. 


These negative beliefs hinder our consciously made good decisions. They are deeper than reason that tells us a specific fear is irrational, or that an addiction is bad for us. The self-sabotage and the negative beliefs driving it, are happening on an unconscious level. The ironic thing is that we make most of our decisions unconsciously. 

Hypnosis is the most effective way to reach your unconscious mind and help make a change quickly and easily.



How does it work?



Let's say you do know what is occurring. Perhaps you clearly remember the negative event that is holding you back and you're now consciously aware of it.

This doesn't mean the problem is solved. Now, you have to change the pattern. This is where we can get stuck: We know what the problem is but just can't seem to solve it. If mere will-power was enough it wouldn't be so hard to stick to things we consciously decide to do. 

The reason will-power doesn't always work is that our unconscious mind is even more powerful than the conscious mind, and sometimes the two are not in agreement with each other. Unconsciously we have hidden reasons for behaving in ways that the conscious can't explain or even agree with. The way to really change something is to get the conscious and the unconscious to agree with each other. Otherwise, if the unconscious disagrees, it will sabotage any decision you've made with conscious awareness!   There may be a number of reasons why you unconsciously think that smoking is a good idea, and that is what we want to change  - we use hypnosis to get both your conscious and unconscious levels to back the decision.



What are the benefits?


Imagine if you could no longer desire the one thing that is bad for you: Smoking,  TimTam:s  -you name it.  What if you could love exercise and not struggle to do the things that are good for you? What if it was just so easy... Well, it can be. Stopping smoking doesn't have to be a long path of struggle managing withdrawal symptoms that nicotine patch and cigarrette companies advertise. Hundreds of thousands of people have quit smoking easily and effortlessly after just a couple of hypnotherapy sessions! The beauty of hypnotherapy is that you can be really specific about the change you want to make. The more specific the easier it is.

Besides addictions and weight loss, hypnotherapy can help you overcome chronic pain and all kinds of fears from fear of heights to public speaking or improving general self confidence. 

Is Hypnotherapy for me?


I recommend Hypnotherapy to anyone who wants to make an instant and specific change such as stopping smoking without struggle, or conquor a specific fear, lose weight and so on. Remember that Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical care but a complimentary healing or self-help modality.

​Prices:  Hypnotherapy session       (90min)      $ 250.00
          Hypnotherapy X 3                             $ 599.00