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I found out the hard way that, even if we are doing all the ‘right things’ and have a solid spiritual practice, if we bypass emotional clearing or overlook our emotions, we can remain stuck and unable to manifest the desired results in our life. This is because excess emotional build-up is literally blocking up our energy system.                 Read more...

Living Now Magazine, October 2016


"Taking a look into the Dark -
Why shadow work is the missing link of most spiritual practice and self-help."

The spiritual industry: What’s missing

This is a touchy subject that may trigger some (for reasons I will explain). There is something very important missing from much of the modern spiritual industry. We look after our physical body by exercising and eating well. We balance our energy through yoga, Qi Gong and various energy healing modalities, and nourish our minds through meditation, work, study, and stimulating conversation. But way too often we are not taught much at all about our emotions.  

Read More...                                     Living Now Magazine,  June 2017

Placebo effect - is it 'only' in the mind?

Often the placebo effect is brushed off as being ‘only in the mind’. But hang on a minute – doesn’t it actually prove how incredibly powerful the mind is, and that whatever we believe in shapes our reality? 

Read more...                          Living Now Magazine, April 2017

"Mastering the art of conscious communication"

Communication is key in all relationships. But how come what you say and what the other person hears are not always the same thing? Here’s some powerful advice on how to hear – and to be heard.

Speaking our truth may sound like a simple thing to do. Most of us think that we are pretty truthful and don’t tend to lie, however through a deeper investigation we may find otherwise!

Read more...                                    Living Now Magazine, Oct 2018

"Breaking through defences and connecting authentically"


Unconscious defences keep us from being real in relationships and can mess things up. Learn how to spot them and get real with each other.

We’ve all been there. In our heart we love someone – either despite or because of who they are / what they have done – but something holds back from expressing this love fully. We withhold our love, protect ourselves, build up walls, close off, or pretend. We don’t consciously want to, but somehow it just happens. 

Read more...                                       Living Now Magazine, May 2018

"Breathing our way to freedom"

Breathwork helps the body to naturally let go of our emotional build-up so that we can live free from the negative influences of past traumatic experiences and suppressed emotions and their long-term consequences.

Read more...                                    Living Now Magazine, July 2017

"How do we release prolonged stress?"

All humans and animals experience mental, physical or emotional stress from time to time. Natural levels of stress actually enhance our mental and physical performance. Prolonged, chronic stress, however, is not our friend.

Read more...                          Living Now Magazine, September 2017


"Are you living in the heart?

Even if we feel some pain or discomfort when we enter the heart, it is nothing compared to the pain and wounding we will have to suffer if we keep avoiding it.

To live in the heart means living with intelligent awareness and intuitive knowing only accessible through connection to the heart.

Read more...                                         Living Now Magazine, July 2018

"Setting healthy boundaries"

Boundaries keep us safe in all our relationships: at work, with our families, friends and partners. Lack of healthy boundaries can cause us to lose ourselves and become disempowered, or to feel as though we don’t have a choice.                   

Read more...                                      Living Now Magazine, Nov 2017

Re-connecting with our male / female energy can bring back polarity and passion into our relationships.

 The feminine and masculine energies are like positive and negative charges that attract one another, and together create a charge much greater than their individual energies combined.          Read more...

Living Now Magazine, October 2016

"Blissful Birthing"

Can giving birth be an ecstatic, rather than a traumatic, experience? Liisa shares from her own experience and wisdom.

Read more...                                          Living Now Magazine, April 2018

Going with the flow vs Analysis paralysis - Living Now
"Going with the flow vs analysis paralysis"


Stuck in analysis paralysis? Do you have the habit of thinking some things over and over again, trying to predict the future, and unable to decide what to do – let alone take action? If so, you are not alone.  Read more...

Living Now Magazine, May 2017

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