Advanced Breathwork Practitioner

Certified Hypnotherapist

​Registered Yoga Therapist




Dowling St Practice:

133 Dowling Street


NSW 2011, Australia​

Tel:      0423 841 230

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  • How our emotions and limiting beliefs affect our life, physical health, wealth and relationships. 

  • How suppressed emotions get locked in the physical body and cell memory, showing up as anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pain, undesired behaviour or thinking patterns and difficult relationships.

  • Why unexpressed or un-dealt-with emotions come out sideways in unexpected, unreasonable or out of control ways and run our life -or turn inwards and show up as low self worth, physical pain and disease, difficult relationships,  self sabotage, and other life challenges. 

  • Emotional literacy: Learn to recognize and name your emotions, and to find the core emotion.

  • Why positive thinking alone doesn’t work to create deep, lasting change.

  • Explore the different layers of our awareness and consciousness.

  • Uncovering our defenses and negative core beliefs.

  • Emotional Triggers and how to use them to remove emotional blocks, heal old trauma and change undesired patterns. 

  • Get to know and love your Shadow.

  • What is true (self-) love and how to practice it in action. How to apply it in all our relationships, including that with ourselves.

  • Profound personal responsibility and what it looks like in action

  • Conscious relationships and true intimacy: Daring to be vulnerable, and sharing our reality without trying to change that of others.

  • Conscious communication: Speaking our truth, setting healthy boundaries and asking our needs be met

  • Learn how to release emotional build-up and trauma through the natural mechanisms of our body and breath….and become truly free. Read more about Breathwork here.

  • Family constellations: Exploring and breaking free from hidden dynamics that keep us stuck. 

'Emotional Freedom for Everyone' Course

When:   6 Sessions over 6 months,              starts Sun 4 June, 12-3pm
Where:  Manumission Yoga,
             3b Victoria Street,
             Paddington, NSW 2021
Cost:       $600 total

                                          Pay $100 non-refundable deposit following the PayPal                                                   button below to reserve your spot. Remaining                                                                 $500 due before start of course. Monthly payment plans                                               available, please inquire below. 


For more info contact Liisa here.  

* LIISA HALME  is a Yoga teacher, Yoga Therapist, Breathwork Practitioner and a Conscious Life Coach. She is passionate about emotional freedom and has years of experience working with depression, anxiety, emotional & relationship issues and trauma.

"If you battle with anxiety, depression, relationship issues or other life stresses -or are simply committed to getting to know yourself, then this course is for you!"

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