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What is T.R.E.?

T.R.E. stands for Tension & Trauma Release Exercises.



Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) is a revolutionary technique that deliberately uses the body’s own innate process of  shaking and neurogenic muscle tremors in a safe and controlled way to physically release deep tension. The set of six exercises dramatically reduces effects of chronic stress and unresolved trauma accumulated from every day life circumstances, from difficult situations, immediate or prolonged stressful situations, or traumatic life experiences and PTSD.   

Regardless of whether stress or trauma is physical, emotional or psychological in origin, it is our physical body that responds and often holds onto to it.  Our unresolved fight, flight and freeze patterns need to be discharged and released in order for us to return to a calm and relaxed homeostasis.


TRE is a method we strongly believe in and that compliments the modalities offered by us!  Find a practitioner here: 
TRE can help release any kind of trauma from the body
How does it work?

When we experience trauma, be it emotional, psychological or physical,  we tend to automatically hold our breath and tense up our muscles in order to protect ourselves and not to feel the pain. Paradoxically this contracting of muscles locks the trauma into our neuro-muscular system where it stays stored in our cell memory, until it is released by shaking and tremoring natural to humans and most mammals.


As the process uses a series of simple exercises to invoke tremors that are then able to be self regulated, it does not require talking about or recalling past events and does not require the ongoing assistance of a therapist for the vast majority of people, meaning the process can be used on your own on an ongoing basis to support and enhance other approaches.

As the tremors work by releasing the defensive muscle patterns held in the core of the body (either over-active, tight and rigid or under-active, weak and numb) they have also become known and applied as ‘Core Release Exercises‘ for their ability to re-awaken and maintain our bodies natural dynamic core stability.

TRE supports other forms of therapy
What are the benefits?


Originally developed and named ‘Trauma Release Exercises‘ as a self-empowering trauma recovery process for large populations in the third world, it also came to be known as ‘Tension Release Exercises‘ for it’s ability to reduce chronic stress, muscular tension, anxiety and pain (especially in the low back and pelvis.)

Understanding the purpose and benefits of these tremors commonly experienced during traumatic events such as birth, car accidents or natural disasters, or when anxious or stressed such as when speaking in public, allows us to make use of this natural body process rather than suppressing it or shutting it down and missing out on it’s inherent benefits to assist our recovery.

Once learnt the process is immediately effective and self empowering as it provides a free resource  for the rest of our lives to regularly renew ourselves to a more calm, relaxed and balanced state

TRE is also knows as Tension Relief Exercises
Is TRE for me?


If you are suffering from emotional or psychological issues, anxiety, depression or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), chances are you have experienced trauma. TRE is useful for anyone wanting to release tension, stress or trauma!

Remember trauma isn't always the obvious gross, physical trauma such as an accident or a broken leg. In fact often the more complicated trauma is subtle, emotional  and unconscious. Our conscious mind and our defences might minimise and explain it away ("It wasn't really that bad..."), but non-the-less the trauma stays locked in our cell memory and effects our life creating physical pain, imbalance and illness. 

We recommend TRE to our clients as a powerful self-help tool that supports other forms of therapy and self-healing.

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