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Breathing Circles: Powerful inner work in a group

Breathing Circles are a very cost effective way to practice breathwork. For a fraction of the cost of a private session you get to do breathwork and continue your personal healing journey guided by an experienced professional. 

What are the benefits?


Working in a group makes therapy much more effective for several reasons:  In a group we can practice opening ourselves up to other people in a safe environment. We quickly notice how similar we humans are deep down and how many other people battle with similar internal issues, which makes us feel much less alone and isloated. Sharing begins to feel good and we feel supported not just by the person leading the group but by a whole group of people working together.  Another benefit of working in a group is that it is often much easier to see other people's patterns, defences and blind spots, which makes it in turn  easier to see our own through these mirrors. Group work makes therapy magnified. Get ready for breaking through to emotional freedom, life stransformation and self mastery!



Is Breathing Circle for me?


If you want to practice Breathwork and are ready to really shift something in your life -whether it is anxiety or depression, unsatisfying or unhealthy relationships, 

painful emotions, stress or trauma - then our Breathing Circle is for you. Even though you can often find significant relief after a session or two, permanent results come with commitment to consistent inner work. We welcome all ages, sexes, cultures and faiths. Diversity equals richness in group therapy!


If the idea of group work really freaks you out... then you definitely need to join! Let me explain: The less attractive the idea of a group is to us, the harder we probably find being ourselves or being voulnerable in front of other people = the more we will benefit from group work at the end of the day! I am saying this a little cheekily but at the same time absolutely seriously.  

Breathing Cirle Cost and Dates


If you are interested in deepening your inner work and really shifting something in your life, then join us for monthly Breathing Circles.

When:   2020 dates TBC!
Where:  The Bay Room, Double Bay
Cost:       $59 or $289 for 5 sessions


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